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Our Mission

Apex Northwest Volleyball Club utilizes competitive volleyball to develop stronger athletes, nurture well-rounded individuals, and provide resources to pursue volleyball at the next level.


  • We are currently offering small group sessions. Due to the consideration of the health and safety of our athletes and coaches, these will be incredibly limited. If you would like this information and you are interested please reach out to Clayton Directly at
  • We are currently planning our 2020-2021 season. Stay tuned for more information. 
  • RECRUITMENT RESOURCES - Checkout our new Recruitment Resources page for more information on the recruiting process and where to begin!
  • WE ARE HIRING - Scroll down for more information.
  • APEX ONLINE SERIES - Checkout all of the resources our coaches have created for our athletes!

apex nw is hiring for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. Come join our coaching family!

Apex NW Volleyball Club is looking for experienced volleyball coaches! Our program offers opportunities in learning volleyball skills for athletes of all genders ages 9-18. We are looking for coaches who are passionate stewards of the sport, capable of managing a competitive volleyball team, strengths in communication and organization, continuous growth of volleyball knowledge and positive role models and representatives of our program. Follow the link below to our coaching application!



2019 has taught us that we are capable of more than we could imagine. Our name change sought to encompass a fire for growth and to reach our highest potential - our apex. Our coaches, athletes, parents, directors, families, friends, partners all encouraged and supported us on our journey and left us with so much to be proud of. As we ring in the new year in 2020, we hope to continue this mission while holding onto a theme for the year - ownership. We inspire our community of Apex NW to continue to take ownership of its learning, success, failures, aspirations and push us even further. We will have highs and lows and moments of complacency but our theme for the year will encourage us to accept whatever follows and cultivate growth as a result. Thanks for joining us on this ride and we are excited for what’s next! GO APEX NW!

Contact Us Apex NW Volleyball Club

Contact Us Apex NW Volleyball Club