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On behalf of APEX NW Volleyball Club , I would like to extend an invitation to your organization to become a sponsor for our club Volleyball Season.  Apex NW Volleyball Club, founded in 2018, offers opportunities in learning volleyball skills and competitive play for girls ages 10-18. A large part of our goal involves building an inclusive volleyball program and community that desires to further the love for the game. We welcome athletes from all over to come and join Apex NW Volleyball Club as we continue to grow, travel to competitive tournaments, and provide opportunities for athletes to play club volleyball. We emphasize playing in a positive nurturing environment, teaching the concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun. Our goal is to support Apex NW athletes in reaching their goal of playing at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. APEX NW Volleyball Club looks forward to building a strong partnership with your company that will enable us to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our youth.  APEX NW Volleyball Club  is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.


Apex Level Sponsors

Elevate Level Sponsors

Rolfing Works

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Rolfing® Structural Integration is a unique whole-body approach that facilitates effortless, upright posture and fluid, pain-free movement.  After observing and analyzing your body structure, we skillfully and systematically manipulate the soft tissues to realign and balance your body.

Coconut Kenny's

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At Coconut Kenny’s, we’re more than a pizza restaurant; we’re a cornerstone of our local communities. We’re committed to excellence as a restaurant, employer, and business partner of choice. Our promise is simple: great food and service for our customers, growth and a fair wage for our employees, and unwavering passion and professionalism for our business partners. No matter where you fit in, we want you to be proud to be part of our company, which seeks to raise industry standards. At Coconut Kenny’s, business is about more than just the bottom line.

Peak Level Sponsors

Amjay INC

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Amjay Inc is a locally owned and operated screen printing business who has has Served the Bellingham, and Whatcom County Area since 1976. We do all of our screen printing and graphic design work in house. We feature a full service Art department, who can help to create a new design, or execute a design of your own. Our clientele includes but is not limited to Corporate, Business, Individuals, Non-Profits, and Sports teams.
Call or stop by today for a custom consultation on how we can help you and your organization, no appointment necessary.

Advanced Sports Chiropractic and Massage

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We believe that the human body is an amazing creation. You only get one body to use, and caring for it should be a top priority. Through the wear and tear of daily life, work, athletics, stress and more, your body needs help to maintain optimal function.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is positioned at the forefront of your health care choices to provide you with a safe, non-surgical, non-medicated method of dealing with a multitude of health issues.


Beyond health issues, chiropractic can help you achieve wellness from a holistic perspective. Remember, what happens inside your body that you don’t feel or see is likely more important than what you can see and feel.

Massage Therapy

We utilize multiple forms of care to give you the best chance to heal from an injury or promote better health. Having massage therapy on site is essential for many people to help break the cycle of muscle tension, stress and injury, and push forward toward better health!

Sports Care

Chiropractic care can help with sports performance and injury prevention.

Annie Dameron Realtor

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Annie Dameron Pederson has 19+ years of real estate experience in Whatcom, Skagit & San Juan County. She is truly passionate about what she does & loves helping her clients with this huge milestone in life. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more about today's market, what your property is, worth or if there is a home you would like to see.....Annie is always here to help!

Marathon Cleaners

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Here at Marathon Cleaners we value our unique relationship with each client. Our mission is to care for clients' homes, offices and special events with integrity, loyalty and meticulous standards. Our staff is motivated, efficient, friendly and trustworthy.

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