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Why Play for Apex NW?


Apex Northwest Volleyball Club utilizes competitive volleyball to develop stronger athletes, nurture well-rounded individuals, and provide resources to pursue volleyball at the next level.


Apex NW Volleyball Club seeks to build our vision of developing the most competitive volleyball teams in Whatcom County and the Puget Sound Region - through uniting opportunities for the athletes in our area to come together and compete. We are continuing from the success of Ferndale Volleyball Club’s seven years of development to further opportunities for volleyball. 

Apex NW Volleyball Club offers opportunities in learning volleyball skills and competitive play for girls ages 10-18. A large part of our goal involves building an inclusive volleyball program and community that desires to further the love for the game. We welcome athletes from all over to come and join Apex NW Volleyball Club as we continue to grow, travel to competitive tournaments, and provide opportunities for athletes to play club volleyball. We emphasize playing in a positive nurturing environment, teaching the concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun. Our goal is to support Apex NW athletes in reaching their goal of playing at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels.

We love volleyball and genuinely want all our athletes to have great experiences. Our program’s success is not only measured in wins and losses, but by the growth, development, and enjoyment of our athletes. We strive for all participants to learn the game and love the experience! 

Do we support multi-sport athletes?

WE SURE DO! We have received countless questions on our multi-sport athlete policy and we wanted to give some clarity to our community. Apex NW Volleyball Club believes that athletes should have the ability to compete in as many sports as they desire. Sports and activities are important experiences to have! Here are the expectations for a multi-sport athlete who chooses to participate in a school sport during club season, along with their parent/guardians:

  • Identify and communicate to the coach when participating in a school sport.

  • Determine the practices or tournaments that may be missed, arrived late, or departed from early.

  • Understand that athletes perform best when they are at the top of their game both physically and mentally. The body can only handle a certain amount of stress within a given time period, before illness or injury may occur. Athletes must take these factors into account when scheduling activities.

  • It is key to communicate to the coaches of both sports how you expect to realistically meet the expectations of all involved

We encourage multi-sport athletes to play at Apex NW Volleyball Club. While it does pose challenges with scheduling, we emphasize the importance of keeping an open line of communication regarding scheduling and availability. We do not want to deter any athletes from participating in club volleyball and a school sport or activity. 


If you would like to write a testimonial - please submit to 

After having our son play on club soccer teams and experiencing politics that can crop into club sports, we were concerned when our daughter wanted to start playing club volleyball. We have been nothing less than thrilled with our experience with APEX. The coaches and administrators have been very caring, helpful and understanding. When they realized our daughter was having “absence seizures,” they contacted us to let us know that something wasn’t right. It is this personal attention that makes APEX special. Not only do they provide an amazing opportunity to develop into great volleyball players, they provide an environment that helps develop kids into wonderful human beings. We have recently moved out of the area and her coach sent a wonderful letter introducing Jennie to a local volleyball club. We will miss our APEX family!!


Written by Beth Haak

Mom of Jennie Haak who played with Apex NW for two seasons before moving in 2021

"Club volleyball has shaped who I am on the court and how I play, as well as off the court and how I interact with others. I wouldn't have it any other way; my family grows bigger every year as I play with new girls and the coaches are my biggest fans. I'm extremely grateful for all the guidance and learning they've given me my entire volleyball career, they're my mentors and the people I look up to. My personal experiences outside club volleyball may have been a little detrimental to my confidence as a player and person but the people who make me feel supported, loved, and worthy are always from my club family. I know I'm going to continue leaning on them when I become a student-athlete for Whatcom, because if it weren't for every single one of my supporters telling me to keep going and push through adversity then I wouldn't be playing at the next level. So thank you Apex family for believing in me when I need it or even when I don't; and thank you volleyball for all the memories, family members, opportunities, learning, and personal development. I wouldn't be me without this sport, so if you're considering it, then please play because you won't regret it."


Written by Megan Miller

Player from U12-U18 

"Our family was new to club volleyball.  Our daughter started volleyball late, and so she was just happy to be playing with her high school team.  But after her sophomore season ended she really wanted to keep playing, so, despite some worries about club volleyball, we decided to give it a try.  Izzy actually started with another club, but at their orientation, they changed all their practice times, with almost 100% overlap with Izzy's high school basketball.  Scrambling for another option, we spoke with Holly at Apex, who welcomed Izzy with open arms.  Holly understood our basketball conflicts and helped us to find ways to split our time, prioritizing tournaments over practices.  Soon, she was back on the volleyball court playing with the Apex U17 team.  She was so happy to be playing with such an amazingly talented group, with girls from eight different high schools in her league.

As the season progressed, our concerns about club turned out to be totally unfounded.  We worried about the complications of travel and practice times, but Apex was so organized and crisp regarding events and efficient with workouts that it was easy to fit into our schedule.  We looked forward to tournaments and had a blast with the other parents following the team from Eugene to Spokane to Las Vegas.  We worried that club volleyball would be "every man for himself", but Apex was amazing at team building and bonding; not only with her own team's social events and traditions, but with fostering the idea of the whole Apex community, from the 14's to the 18's.   Apex's use of social media to help everyone connect and celebrate was light years beyond any of the other clubs.  Finally, we worried that Izzy would not get much individual attention; but Holly and the other coaches were great at working with each individual player both mentally and physically, looking to assess strengths and address weaknesses.  And Izzy learned more about volleyball--techniques, formations, strategies, plays--than ever before.

Apex is a first class organization.  It was great for Izzy and for us, and we've all missed the experience ever since the season ended!"


Written by Ted Peters                                                             

Dad of Izzy who played on U17 Summit for the 2018-2019 season

"It's hard to sum up Avery's positive experience in just a quick statement! Her growth both skill-wise and personally as a player on a team is what we've loved seeing the most!!! 

For our family, the main purpose of club volleyball is growth.  We have seen tremendous growth in our daughter the past two years. We appreciate the coaches' core emphasis placed on player development (skills AND as a team member) and growth."


Written by Joelle Schneider 

Mom of Avery and Annalise Schneider who have played on our teams since 2017

"Last year we had 3 of our daughters in the Apex program. Apex has always been so accommodating with our needs and very easy to communicate with. We have known the coaches for years, they are our volleyball family. I love the true passion for volleyball that Clay, Holly and Cody always show. It’s awesome to see them support the players not only in club season but they continue to show up and support their high school season also!"

Written by Lorrine Headrick 

Mom of Malia, Maya, Nicole from our U12 Summit, U14 Vertex and U18 Summit teams for the 2018-2019 season