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Olivia Stoddard

U14 Vertex Assistant Coach

This is Olivia and she is jumping for joy at the opportunity to pass along her knowledge and love for the game of volleyball! It will be her second-year coaching with Apex NW and she couldn’t be more grateful. She is currently a senior at Western Washington University, and she is studying a to get a degree in Anthropology/Biology. Her goal is to become a teacher, doctor, or nurse. She doesn’t fully know what she wants to do with her career, but she does know she loves helping others be successful and she leads with a caring and loving heart. This is the reason why she has gravitated to us at Apex NW.

In her hometown of Leavenworth, Washington, she participated in a highly competitive program at her high school. Her 4-year experience in high school has shaped her into the woman she is today and because of it she knows what it means to be a strong minded, competitive, disciplined, and passionate player. This flare for the sport continued into her college years at Western as she played in intramurals and also coached a middle school volleyball team her junior year. When coaching at Franklin Academy Middle School, she made a long-lasting impression on the girls to make each and every one of them feel important, loved, and encouraged. Her goal is to be patient with each player because she knows that entering a new sport can be scary. Furthermore, she understands the importance of having compassion and continuously uplifting others for the best success of the team as a whole.

"I am so happy to be a part of something so beautiful. I cannot wait to help shape these players into the best they can be and introduce them to a sport that I love and has helped me grow into who I am. Let's have fun and play some volleyball!"