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Kailey Means

U12 Summit Assistant Coach

Kailey started playing volleyball when she was around nine-years-old. She added basketball into the mix when she was 11. Then track when she was 12. She loved all three but when high school came around her schedule was too much to do it all. So, she had to minimize her sports to two. She chose track and volleyball. During her senior year of high school, she had a plan to play track and volleyball in college. This took a turn when she got a serious injury to her left ankle senior year in 2019. Having plans change, Kailey is now at Western Washington University in a program called Fairhaven Interdisciplinary College. Therefore, she has chosen to pursue a degree that blends pre-med, psychology, and nutrition. She hopes to be a doctor who will empower the patient to have more autonomy over their wellbeing by viewing them as a whole of many parts. 

This injury has only left her to sit with her passion for sports and reflect. She couldn’t handle being away from volleyball anymore and this is when she found Apex!

“I am ecstatic to have this opportunity to be involved with the sport I love once again. Even better, I can share my passion and knowledge with the players and coaches. I was a player for a long time and now it's time to be a coach! I can’t wait to have a positive impact on the players and create a bubbly and comfortable environment on the court!”