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2020-2021 Club Season Details

This Year's Season Plan

We are excited to announce our plans for the 20-21 Apex NW Volleyball Club season! This year is going to look different from our previous seasons, but we are ready to offer a modified club season and our program as a home for many athletes in Whatcom County. We can't wait to get started!

We are currently in the process of securing gym space, the amount of teams we can offer, and our coaching lineup. We will provide updates on our website as soon as we know. Stay tuned! We are determined to find a way to offer as many opportunities as possible.

Apex NW's number one priority is the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, and community. Circumstances in our County are constantly changing and we strictly follow the regulations of the Governor, the Puget Sound Region, and USAV's guidance for Youth Sports.

For all our high school volleyball athletes, we will do our best to accommodate your high school seasons, be flexible, and support your experience as a multi-volleyball athlete. The PSR is not hosting any Powerleagues during high school season and we tentatively only have the Pacific Northwest Qualifier Tournament at the end of March.

Join us for a special season! Even though our 2019-2020 season ended short, we admired our teams' successes by reaching higher levels of competition, received endless family & community support and flexibility, and experienced countless new memories as a program. We are devoted to make this upcoming season safe, fun, and a year to remember! Please use this flyer as a resource for learning more about our program, our plans, and how we hope to accommodate this crazy season.

Triangles Up!

Clayton Sin

Apex NW Club Director

Tournament Schedule

Click here for our tentative tournament schedule for each age group


This season we are offering Powerleague and the PSR Regional Championships to teams in all age-groups. Powerleague is a tournament series ran by the Puget Sound Region where teams are provided a ranking, grouped for tournaments, and compete against each other. Powerleague matches may require some traveling (within the Greater Seattle area) pending on the capabilities for traveling rules and youth sports, gym space availability, and competition. We are entering our U12 team(s) into the Powerleague series this season to increase the opportunity of attending a tournament as we are unsure of the local tournament opportunities that will be available this year. 


U13-U18 teams will plan to compete in the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane during the end of May as permitted by our Governor's guidance, health and safety, and our tournament hosts. We are accepted into the tournament and are waiting for more information and guidance from the tournament. Athletes/families will need to book a hotel within the "Stay & Play" requirements for the tournament within our Apex NW hotel block.


Apex NW will also provide an "A La Carte Menu" of tournament opportunities and prices as we navigate the future of our flexible season where athletes, families, and teams can choose to opt into additional tournaments. Athletes will pay an additional fee if choosing to add more tournaments.


We acknowledge that our Governor's guidance for Youth Sports is constantly changing and will follow the lead of our governing bodies: USA Volleyball and the Puget Sound Region when participating in tournaments. Tournament schedules are tentative.

Practice Information


There will be new Apex NW mask requirements that follow similar rules being used in the high schools. With the increased number of team members in the gym, athletes will wear their mask on their face throughout the ENTIRE practice.  Safety is our top priority. We hope developing these safety habits will further keep our teams safe, while practicing mask requirements will prepare athletes for requirements at future tournaments/school games.


We practice at Franklin Academy's Holly Hall in Bellingham, the old Ferndale YMCA now run by Locker Fitness, and Cornerstone School in Lynden.


Practices are two times a week and typically within the 4:30-9:00 time block on Monday-Friday at one of our facility locations. Practices this season are 90 minutes each for U13-U18. Our U12 teams will practice 90 minutes for one practice and 60 minutes at a second practice. Practices will start the first week of January until the end of May. We will monitor the state of our County and our Governor's guidance when making a decision about the start of our season.


Apex NW supports multi-support athletes and for the first time this year: "multi-volleyball" athletes. We believe that participating in multiple sports and high school programs are important for the development of young athletes. Coaches will work with athletes to coordinate schedules. We do not want playing multiple sports to deter athletes from being a part of APEX.

Ascent/Boys Volleyball


This season our Ascent team will be practicing two times a week and attending at least three tournaments. We want to build off of our growing success last season, further interest in our County, and continue to provide a new opportunity for young athletes.

Check out our potential tournament lineup on our website for a list of possible tournament dates. We are planning to attend at least three of the listed tournaments once the locations have been determined and we have a better idea of team availability. Furthermore, there are many opportunities to scrimmage other local teams and participate in inner-club scrimmages.

Similar to last season we want to encourage multi-sports athletes to work with their coaches to accommodate schedules and coordinate practice attendance. We will be flexible with other sports. We do not want multiple sports, high school sports, and other club sports to deter athletes from being a part of APEX.

Furthermore, this season our team selection will consist of at least 12-14 athletes at the start of the season to follow the Governor's guidance for Youth Sports and the amount of participants allowed in the gym based on the provided square footage allowed per person. As things change, we hope to be able to invite more athletes to participate and join our team. We are currently planning to have a U16 team that is open to all athletes grade 10 and below. Please spread the word and share about this opportunity for boys to play competitive volleyball in Whatcom County!

20-21 Season Club Dues

U16 Ascent Team

U12 Summit/Elevate Team $1075
U13 Summit/Elevate Team $1550
U13 Vertex $1300
U15-U18 Summit/Elevate Team $1550

*Updated 11.15.20

*If additional tournaments are added, each athlete will have an additional fee to cover the tournament costs. This cost may also change pending on the finalization of facilities for practices.


All club dues will be paid online through our SportsEngine platform to improve our ability to be flexible and adaptable. We will not be accepting checks this year. Club dues will be paid in 6 increments with an initial deposit after tryouts to confirm player commitments to Apex NW and then on the 1st of every month from January-May.


With the current state of our County, State, and Youth Sports, we want to be transparent and communicate how we plan to handle potential refunds for the upcoming season.

  • Refunds/payment cancellations will be processed on SportsEngine
  • If a tournament is cancelled, tournament refunds are calculated based on tournament fees, hotel fees (if applicable), and coaches stipend for travel and food. See tournament refund chart for specific refund values. Values are subjected to change as tournament fees may differ for the 20-21 season
  • If practices are cancelled due to team quarantine/isolation and/or Governor's guidance, Apex NW will provide a refund based on the individual facility's discretion for reimbursing gym fees
  • If a season is postponed or cancelled for over 4 weeks, a refund will be calculated based on coaching fees. We value our coaches' time and commitment and would like to adhere to their signed contracts as closely as possible; therefore, we will make decisions based on the specific situation.


Rates are calculated for each individual athlete.

  • $30 - Powerleagues / 1 Day Tournaments
  • $185 - Pacific Northwest Qualifiers
  • $115 - PSR Regional Championships


We want to share club expenses that we are unable to refund:

  • Payroll taxes
  • Income taxes
  • Player uniform /gear package
  • Administration and staff fees (for duties performed)
  • Team fees:
  • Equipment & storage
  • PSR coaches' membership/club fees
  • First aid/cleaning kits
  • Ongoing club expenses for SportsEngine fees
  • SportsEngine processing fees

Apex NW Safety procedures and facility protocols

Apex NW's number one priority is the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, and community. Circumstances in our County are constantly changing and we strictly follow the regulations of the Governor, the Puget Sound Region, and USAV's guidance for Youth Sports.

Please read more about Apex NW's Safety Procedures and Facility Protocols below.


Apex NW Volleyball Club utilizes competitive volleyball to develop stronger athletes, nurture well-rounded individuals, and provide resources to pursue volleyball at the next level.


  • See family and athlete testimonials here 
  • Clear vision, direction, and mission for our program, coaches, and athletes
  • We support athletes with a consistent program from U12-U18
  • Competitive tournament lineups, opportunities, and connections for college recruitment
  • Experienced, supportive, and passionate coaches that promote inclusivity, fun, and a safe learning environment
  • Goals, standards, and skill curriculums for each age-group that accomplishes program-wide goals and growth
  • A strong culture of ownership and development of players on and off the court
  • Program emphasis on organization and communication