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Alyssa Ludtke

U12 Elevate Assistant Coach

This is Alyssa’s first time coaching at Apex NW, and she is super excited for this upcoming season. She is a sophomore at Western Washington University, currently studying Marketing and plans to receive a bachelor's in Marketing with a minor in Design Studies. 

Alyssa has been playing volleyball for seven years and can’t get enough of the sport! During High School, Alyssa coached a volly-kids camp for boys and girls ages 5-10, and a separate camp for middle school girls ages 11-13. She spent four years in this role. Her favorite memory of volleyball was playing with her four best friends all the way from seventh grade to senior year in high school. Alyssa believes that sports are a great outlet for all ages to experience. Sports allow players to create relationships, learn life lessons, and make memories along the way. 

“I’m really excited to meet everyone and get back into club volleyball! I can’t wait to share experiences and make new memories!”