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Club Alumni

We have had the privilege of getting to know some phenomenal athletes that have come through our program and went on to compete at the collegiate level. We are excited to showcase them here! These athletes were in our program during their senior season or were with us for 2+ seasons.

2019-2020 Graduates

Nicole Headrick - Weber State University

"I’ve had an awesome experience playing for Apex. I’ve gone through many coaches who’ve put in the work for us players to become our best self on and off the court. I didn’t always think I’d be playing college ball in the future. Although once I decided that’s what I wanted for myself, my club coaches were supportive and helped me throughout my recruitment process. I learned what it meant to be a leader and came into practice everyday ready to put in the work. Apex for me became more than a team but a family. Playing the sport you love surrounded by the people you love..doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re willing to put in the work, you will get results. One of my favorite quotes from Relentless is “You must establish your own vision of what it means to be unstoppable; you can’t let anyone else define that for you.” Always push your limits! #trianglesup"

2018-2019 Graduates

Torina Hommes - Point Loma Nazarene University

“I am so grateful I was able to find a club that felt like family. I was pushed to become better every practice and every tournament. Memories spent with my teammates and coaches are some I will cherish forever!! Thank you for everything Apex fam!!"

Sydney Feenstra - University of Redlands

“I plan to study Management, as I intend to enter the Public Relations field after college. Club volleyball has been a huge part of my high school life. The experiences and challenges I faced trained me in communication, management, discipline, leadership & more. I’m grateful for the memorable relationships I’ve formed with coaches, teammates, and the families I’ve met during this adventure. Thank all to each and every coach in the APEX program. You guys are the MVP’s. We all appreciate you guys immensely for your dedication to growing the athletes here in Whatcom County.”

Brooke Valentine - Whitman College

“I really enjoyed playing with so many different teammates and learning from a lot of different coaches over the years! I love that club has given me so many memories especially from going to big tournaments and playing against competitive teams. It was fun spending so much time with all the girls on my team and becoming so close with all of them. I have a lot of passion for volleyball and wanted to be on a competitive team. I knew Apex would fulfill what I was looking for in a club so I didn’t have a doubt that I wanted to play there, even though the drive to practice was an hour. I have always been on teams where I knew everyone and was comfortable, so joining a new team where I didn’t know any players or the coaches brought me out of my comfort zone and was different from years past. It turned out to be a perfect fit for me because this team was one of the most competitive teams I have been on. I’m so glad that I had such supportive coaches because that helped me get the opportunity that I have to play in college!” 

Kylie Honrud - Western Washington University

“Playing club volleyball with this program was one of my favorite experiences during high school. I got to meet many new friends, compete at a high-level, travel with my team, and make so many amazing memories. It has prepared me for playing college volleyball by helping me understand what it takes to work hard, be a strong teammate, and learn to work with different coaches. I had the opportunity to work with coaches that continue to support me far beyond the club gym. They will always be some of my biggest fans!"

2017-2018 Graduates

Isabelle Jacob - Central Washington University

“Without club, I’m not sure I could have played volleyball at the next level. Playing club helped further my skills, on and off the court, and to prepare me for college ball. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing staff here at Apex NW.”

Camryn Vosloh - Simon Fraser University

"I don't know what I would do without volleyball- the people I have met throughout the years of my career so far have been nothing short of amazing. Due to an ACL injury, my ride with Ferndale Volleyball Club (former club name) was short, but it was a great experience nonetheless. Club volleyball not only physically prepared me for university volleyball, it also mentally prepared me, as it taught me to find balance with high performance sport and academics. It is an experience I will never forget and am so thankful for."

Josie Deming - Central Washington University

"Club volleyball helped me gain a ton of experience as well as exposure to college coaches. I wouldn’t be playing at the level I am today without the help of Apex NW."

Abigail Broussard - Northwest University

"Club volleyball was a great way to prepare for the college level. It’s also a way to make great memories and friendships before you all go your separate ways. I Loved club volleyball and all the teammates I played with!"